Select Publications 

  • The Many Faces of Iran. AFAR Magazine, Nov/Dec 2016 Issue.

  • 􏰂This Chef’s First Stop on a Trip? The Local Market., August 2016.

  • 􏰂This Kaleidoscopic Rug Is Our Favorite Moroccan Keepsake. AFAR Magazine, Sept/Oct 2016 Issue.

  • 􏰂How Fashion Can Challenge Western Misconceptions About Iran and Islam., July 2016.

  • 􏰂Why San Juan Island Is One of the Best Summer Getaways., July 2016.

  • 􏰂Why Millions of People Around the World are Celebrating Tonight., July 2016.

  • 􏰂How to Pull Off a Week-Long Hike in Sweden’s Samiland. AFAR Magazine, July/August 2016 Issue.

  • 􏰂Video Editor for California Wine Country’s Best Kept Secret., May 2016. 

  • Soccer Belongs to the Streets in Marrakech. Project Bly, June 2014.



  • 􏰂Oral History and Our Times: Columbia University Multimedia Oral History Exhibit. Manhattan, NY. 2013

  • There is no There, There: An Oral History Pop-up Exhibit. Manhattan, NY. 2013